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UnitedHealthcare pays far less to administer COVID-19 shots to kids, pediatricians say

United hit with class-action reimbursement suit

UnitedHealthcare Unlawfully Denied Coverage to 20,000 New Yorkers
for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

UnitedHealthcare Guided Yale’s Groundbreaking Surprise Billing Study 

Lab hits UnitedHealth with lawsuit over COVID-19 test payments

Doctors Accuse UnitedHealthcare of Stifling Competition

Greater New York Hospital Association Questions United’s new lab registration protocol

The American Hospital Association Asks the Department of Justice to investigate UnitedHealth Group’s Proposed Acquisition of Change Healthcare

Lawsuit against UnitedHealthcare over refusal to cover proton therapy moves forward

11 numbers that show how big Optum’s role in healthcare is

New UnitedHealthcare policies change coverage for lab tests, specialty drugs. Hospitals want CMS to review them

UnitedHealthcare Gets Pushback On New Policies For Lab, Drug Payments

Why hospitals want CMS, FTC to examine two UnitedHealthcare policies

Hospitals fight UnitedHealthcare policies over lab test, specialty drug payments

UnitedHealthcare policies change coverage for lab tests, specialty drugs. Hospitals want CMS to review them

Thousands of Patients Scramble for Doctors, Healthcare After United Healthcare and Montefiore Fail to Reach Agreement

Burned by Low Reimbursements, Some Doctors Stop Testing for CovidNew

UnitedHealthcare called out for low reimbursement on COVID-19 testing

UnitedHealth Group Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2020 Results

It’s time for UnitedHealthcare to put patients first –

It’s time for UnitedHealthcare to put patients first – Poughkeepsie Journal

Stop Payer-Bullying of Providers: How Can Control of Healthcare Be Returned  to Providers, Who Are Smarter, and Far More Trustworthy?

Montefiore-UnitedHealthcare negotiations are a symptom. Industry greed is the preexisting condition.

It’s time for UnitedHealthcare to put patients first – RecordOnline

UnitedHealth’s Surgical Care Affiliates indicted on allegations of collusion

Insurer Refuses to Keep Envision Clinics In Network

UnitedHealth Stock Climbed in 2020

UnitedHealthcare accused of bilking employer plans in latest class-action suit

Class action lawsuit claims UnitedHealthcare diverts plans funds to settle unrelated disputes

United Insurance Holdings Corp (UIHC) Soars 4.91% on December 29

United expects $277B+ in revenue in 2021 

CaroMont dispute with UnitedHealthcare could pinch patients

UnitedHealth Group subsidiary must revamp behavioral healthcare coverage, judge says

ER physicians accuse UnitedHealth of illegally underpaying claims

Patients Stuck With Bills After Insurers Don’t Pay As Promised

In N.J., Medicaid patients lose doctors as UnitedHealthcare pares down its network

An insurance titan dropping hundreds of N.J. physicians to enrich itself, doctors and patients charge

Lawsuit against UHC stresses overpayment recovery in employee plans

UnitedHealthcare gets lowest grades in Leapfrog poll, average plan gets C+

UnitedHealthcare assessed $1 million penalty for claims payment violations