I have insurance through my employer

Ask Your Employer About Your Options.

Contact your HR department and let them know the importance of keeping your in-network access to your Montefiore Health System hospital and providers. Ask them about your options to protect your access, including offering a second option for coverage.

My employer only offers United, so I don’t think I can switch.

Even if your employer currently only offers a United/Oxford/UMR health plan, they still need to hear from you. Your employer may have the option, perhaps through their broker, to offer a second option and special open enrollment period in light of these extraordinary circumstances. Now that United has forced Montefiore out of network, let your employer know that you need to continue to be able to see your trusted Montefiore doctors and hospitals. Many patients have requested a template to use to reach out to their HR/Benefits Manager. You can find a downloadable template here.

Know that in the meantime, Montefiore remains open to engaging productive discussions with United that allow us to reach an agreement that makes this right. We encourage you to also contact United and let them know the frustration their actions have unfairly caused you.


Apply for Continuity of Care.

If you or a family member is pregnant or undergoing treatment for a chronic condition, you may qualify for Continuity of Care benefits. If you think you may be eligible, we encourage you to apply through United. Call the customer service number on the back of your United health insurance card to see if you qualify.

Call Sir Andrew Witty, CEO, UnitedHealth Group, (952) 205-7401.

  • Let him know what it means for you to lose in-network access to MHS. You shouldn’t have to choose between continuing your care with your trusted Montefiore providers at higher out-of-pocket costs or finding a new provider.
  • Ask him to commit to resolving this issue quickly by offering MHS a fair and reasonable contract, one that doesn’t jeopardize our ability to provide the high-quality care you count on from your Montefiore providers for years to come.
  • Ask him if United will commit to paying for your care directly instead of sending you the check and sticking you in the middle of this.