Information for patients with Compass individual exchange plans

Since United’s decision to keep Montefiore out of its network and prevent your in-network access to your Montefiore physicians and hospitals, United has repeatedly rejected every proposal and every solution that would restore in-network access to Montefiore. Unfortunately, United’s actions send the message that this is a permanent decision.

Continuing your care with the doctors who know you and with whom you already have an established relationship is one of the most important things you can do for your health. And you do not have to find new doctors or hospitals.

How do I restore my access to Montefiore in 2021?

Here’s what you can do to regain in-network access to the Montefiore doctors and hospitals you trust:

  • Changing insurance is the only way to regain the in-network access to the doctors you deserve. You may have the opportunity to switch to an insurance company that will guarantee your in-network access to your Montefiore doctors and hospitals for the full 2021 benefit year. Open enrollment runs from now until August 15, 2021. Switch by visiting We participate with the following individual exchange plans:
    • HealthFirst
    • Oscar
    • Empire BCBS Health Plus
    • MVP
    • Emblem

Four national insurers in our market. One doesn’t cover your Montefiore doctor. 

Changing insurance is the only way to regain the in-network access to the doctors you deserve. Know that Montefiore has and will always be here for your healthcare needs. Your health is our only priority.

Apply for Continuity of Care. 

If you or a family member is pregnant or undergoing treatment for a chronic condition, you may qualify for Continuity of Care benefits. If you think you may be eligible, we encourage you to apply through United. Call the customer service number on the back of your United health insurance card to see if you qualify. If you believe you are eligible, but United denies you Continuity of Care, let your physician know immediately.

What I need to know today.

  • You will always have in-network access to our emergency rooms. Regardless of our contract status with United, you should always visit the nearest emergency room if you experience a medical emergency.

Your health and wellbeing remain our priority, along with restoring your in-network access to MHS hospitals and physicians.