Important information about Montefiore’s negotiation with UnitedHealthcare

United’s numbers just don’t add up. It remains clear that United’s decision to stop negotiating is permanent.

On May 28, Montefiore received a proposal from United that was publicly touted as “more than double” their previous offer. This is far from the truth. All United offered was $5M additional in upfront cash yet they continue to owe us more than $95 million for care already provided — and that number continues to grow.  To make matters worse, they offered no movement on rate increases and their proposal also includes payment reductions for our most vulnerable patients who are on both Medicare and Medicaid.

On June 6, Montefiore sent its tenth proposal to United which would restore in-network access immediately for patients. We continue to ask for single digit yearly increases which are lower than the yearly increases United agreed to in 2018; a time before the pandemic and before hospitals and communities were suffering the health and financial challenges they are seeing today. The rates we are requesting are vital to continue to provide quality care for our communities, employ more than 34,000 people throughout the Bronx, Westchester, and the Hudson Valley and are comparable to rates we receive from other national commercial payers.

The truth is in the numbers: Due to COVID, Montefiore is losing $40 million per month so far in 2021. United is on track in 2021 to make record-breaking profits of more than $26 billion, yet still they are requesting 16% premium hikes to small business owners in New York in 2022, which follows a trend of United asking for double digit increases amounting to more than 65% over the past 4 years.

We hoped United would make a serious attempt to finalize the agreement to ensure the New York businesses and their employees we mutually serve have access to their trusted Montefiore doctors and hospitals. Montefiore understands how challenging a time this has been, and our only goal is to be able to provide in network care for you and your employees.

Dozens of employers have already switched health plans or offered a second option for their employees. This is the only way to guarantee in-network access to Montefiore hospitals and physicians. We partner with many other plans and, as previously mentioned in earlier communications, have recently signed multi-year deals with Aetna, Cigna and Empire BlueCross BlueShield. 

Here’s what employers that made the switch are saying:

 “We and Montefiore share a commitment to our communities — and our employees rely on Montefiore for their healthcare needs. Switching insurance was easy to do—and we are just doing what’s right by our employees.”  – Managing Partner, Rand Realty

“Core to our business is our commitment to our employees and our community. Over the years, we have all come to rely on Montefiore – including Montefiore Nyack Hospital, which is in the same community as our main office, as well as the other Montefiore Health System hospitals across the Hudson Valley, Westchester, and the Bronx, in addition to their physician groups. It’s clear their commitment to providing the highest quality healthcare for our employees and our community is their sole focus. When we realized United no longer had Montefiore in-network, we made the switch to another insurer. Our employees are thankful to keep their relationships with their trusted Montefiore healthcare providers” – Chief of Staff, Active International

What your employees should know:

  • Your employees will always have in-network access to our emergency rooms. Regardless of our contract status with United, patients experiencing a medical emergency should always visit the nearest emergency room.

We partner with many other plans and have recently signed multi-year deals with Aetna, Cigna, and Empire BlueCross BlueShield. For a full list of plans please visit: